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Must be pandemonium. I surprised a person could remember all the bets and that losers won't simply not own up to the bet.


This is almost similar inside the trading floor and your are a floor trader. It is also too noisy during volatile market.

But wondes of wonders, the kristo's are using only their tough memories, no pens, papers or any gadgetry.

Has there been any experiment on this?


...and in this corner weighing in at...


must be very noisy and loud there...both verbal and sign languarge...kinda confused:-P great action shots:-))


This fighting cocks thing always fascinates me, but I’ve never seen it live as it is forbidden in Norway. Reading your post and the lovely pictures almost make me feel being there though – thanks for sharing!


Love the first shot. The expression on his face just cracks me up!


Hi Sidney. Will you have a series of a guy punched black and blue by sabungeros because he cheated? I heard many stories of such. That would also be interesting to feature here. :)

Ashwathy Nair

Great pictures and info!
Thanks for sharing....

19 Seconds Of Spring

Thanks for the educational posts... This is some kind of a documentary about cockfighting!


Wow. This series has been quite an education. I'm impressed with the research and your presentation of the sport.

The pictures are excellent as well, and do tell the story. But not being from the Phillipines, I would have been unable to understand the cultural significance and how it permeates public life. Thanks for posting this.


I dared to peak today and I see it's safe : people only. It's a men's thing, isn't it. Amazing to have such a memory as the Kristos have. You catched the excitement well.


I wonder how he remembers all the bets?

Toxic Lens

Great series! Reminds me of Wall Street.

By the way, I said you'd be the first to know when I came back to photoblogging. Well I'm back, at a new site.

-Mike (AKA Viking054)

charles ravndal

Wow what a crowd!


Superb, what an economy, much more colourful that horeseracing.


Bro have you changed you camera lately? Your images are really improving in leeps and bounds :) Not saying it is the camera, but your captures are also stepping up as well.


Chris Vallancourt

It's amazing how popular cockfighting is there. I always imagined cockfights taking place in dark, windowless basements.

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